Тут я бы добавила сточку текста
    Time and Price
    depends on:
    1. How complicated the design is: whether there is a lot of detail, idea, construction.
    3. Placement of the tattoo: different areas may be easier to tattoo than others (arm vs ribs)
    4. How big the piece ends up being (sometimes the initial size is not the size we end up going with).
    What is the minimum price?
    I take types of appointments:
    ● Half-day session (3 hours or a bit less/longer) — $700
    ● Full day session (7 hours or a bit less/longer) — $1400,
    ● And also I have available designs with tasty fix prices
    so $300 is the minimum price for a small piece.

    How does it works?

    The deposit goes as credit towards the session of your tattoo. Please keep in mind that when you’re booking an appointment, I’m blocking my schedule time especially for you. I start to prepare your design after making a deposit.

    Be aware of the policies

    Deposits are non-transferrable.

    You also forfeit your deposit if you:

    ● If you decide to reschedule appointment with less than three business days notice.

    ● If you decide that want a different design entirely than the one I discussed with you and new design needs to be created.

    ● No-call no-shows may forfeit your deposit. I send text and email confirmations reminders prior to the appointment.

    ● If you change your mind to get tattooed when the design was already done.

    With advance notice, i will work with you on rescheduling without requiring an additional deposit. Life happens, that’s why I will be as reasonable as possible.